Old-School Art

It seems that today’s form of art is flooded with visual media and computer animation, and hey there’s nothing wrong with that. However, a lot of kids are losing touch with what some may call “old-school art” or the typical drawing and painting art that has been used for centuries, in caves and hyroglyphics and medieval paintings. To rejuvinate this old art and to have kids develop their motor skills and sense of creativity, send them to a basic painting camp or drawing camp and they’re sure to have a ton of fun.

There are tons of art camps in the greater Philadelphia area that accomodate kids of all ages and offer full and half day programs. Everyday Artists Camp holds creative art camps for ages 3-13 and has kids painting on anything from a canvas to a coffee cup to a miniature dog statue. These camps run from $125-195 based on the subject nature and camp duration.

Darlington Arts Center’s Summer Arts Camps hosts painting and drawing camps that are specifically focused on cultural topics. Your child would be recreating art in the spirit of the pilgrims, the Southwest Indians, the 60s and other memorable eras and peoples. This is a great way for your child to learn and appreciate different cultures while creating unique art.

Moore College of Art and Design also offers a high quality artistic experience for grades 1-12 where boy san dgirls can attend morning or afternoon sessions and learn the essentials of art. Kids will advance their skills and take classes Monday through Thursday for a month for this camp, making the camp a little more pricey at around $590 per session.

No matter where you send your child, they’re sure to enjoy the simple arts no matter what age or skill level!


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  1. Another art camp is being run this summer by the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks. It’s called the Young Art Sleuths Day Camp. The camp runs from August 8th-19th from 9:30-3pm. It is designed for children ages 8-12. For more information visit the landmarks website: http://www.philalandmarks.org/calendar.aspx#ArtSleuthsCamp.

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