Appreciating Nature- Environmental Camps for Your Child

In today’s day and age, it seems that everyone is “going green.” This means that we are learning to appreciate nature, our environment, and the world we live in by making things more eco-friendly. In order for the “going green” trend to succeed in the future, the message of bettering our earth needs to reach the next generation, in other worlds your children. By sending kids to nature or environmental camps, they are not only spending time outdoors, but learning to love the earth they live on!

Environmental awareness camps, or specialized nature camps are a subcategory of the typical outdoor adventure camp. Although environmental camps may lack the adventurous appeal of an outdoor adventure camp or white-water rafting camp, there is a lot of knowledge and discovery involved in the nature camps that prove to be just as valuable and just as fun!

Camps like Briar Bush have kids go on hikes in the wilderness and encounter real animals in order to appreciate the beauty and delicate nature of their existance. They also use scientific games to “trick” kids into learning about their surroundings and making new discoveries.

 Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association’s Nature & Environmental Summer Day Camp also promotes the idea of appreciating nature for kids of all ages. Children get to explore the 860-acre reserve in search of new life and the little miracles of nature, whether it be a birds nest, a new plant, or a intricate spider-web.

If your kid is looking for adventure, but in a more laid-back and informative way, environmental camps will quench your child’s thirst for discovery without having to deal with the dangers of truly exploring the frontier.


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