Learning Pods

As schools, parents, and teachers prepare for the school year, they’re faced with the challenge of balancing personal health with the welfare and education of their children. Due to the current COVID crisis, many schools plan on moving to an online format or are attempting a hybrid classroom setting. However, the online and hybrid class formats have previously been unconventional and some students continue to struggle within those learning strategies. With education moving into the home, parents have also had to learn how to adapt and become more involved in their child’s education. 

One way parents have been coping is through learning pods, which are small groups of students that are being taught by a teacher or tutor. Often these small pods include other family or friends where parents feel safe being exposed to them. This allows students to continue to socialize and learn with other peers whose families are also following health or safety measures against the virus. In addition, parents are able to ensure that the educational curriculum fits their standards and to make sure that their child’s education is thorough or challenging enough. 

These learning pods also allow parents to help each other out while they return to work. Because schools have shortened the school day, learning pods help create additional time for parents to work at home. Some learning pods have developed a system where parents switch off days for supervising the children’s learning. This system can be very valuable for working parents and allows your child to continue to engage in their education. 

However, learning pods don’t always have to be in-person and small learning groups online can be just as effective for maintaining a challenging curriculum. These groups and classes can provide extra tutoring for all ages in small pods online. 

Ivy Goal provides tutoring and has classes for middle and high school students. In addition, they have SAT and ACT tutoring for those who want to start preparing and want more help.

Mission Graduates features one-on-one tutoring to ensure a personal and detailed experience for your child (age 0-12).

Genius Kids San Ramon & Dublin Dougherty Virtual Camp is very structured and teaches the core math and english subjects as well as public speaking. In addition, it includes creative opportunities such as cooking or fun science activities. 

Brain-O-Magic Pleasanton helps elementary students get ahead and has both math or general online tutoring. They focus on in-depth math concepts and are willing to send books digitally or mail them.

Sylvan Learning of La Mesa provides assistance for grades K-12 and utilizes a state of the art assessment to ensure your child will get a personalized experience. In addition, their curriculum aligns with state, college, and career readiness standards. 

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