Free Online Summer Classes for Kids in the Philadelphia Area

The summer is the best time to create new experiences and try new things for your child. With school being finished, your child can take this opportunity to participate in fun activities while learning through online summer classes. However, some classes can be expensive or you might not want to pay for them, so we put together some free online classes for you to browse. A full list of free online summer classes can be seen on ActivityHero


Kids participating in free online yoga class

Kids also need to stay healthy and active during the summer. While it has become increasingly difficult due to the current environment, these free classes allow kids to exercise at home through yoga or other fun activities. 

Activity Hero Live features a yoga class called It’s Yoga Kids that works to help the mind and body stay healthy. It is best for ages 4-10, but is open to all ages and parents. 

Hall That Fun has a class for ages 0-5 where young kids can learn how to move and twist their bodies to continue being physically active. 

Yoga ed hosts a yoga and mindfulness class for children and teens. Students will practice breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, and relaxation activities. 


With a wide variety of coding programs, these free classes help teach the different coding Programs, such as Scratch and Python. However, some also include more fun ways to learn coding by using popular video games, such as Minecraft or Roblox, to learn coding methods. 

Code for Fun helps teach kids (ages 7-10) the introduction to the Scratch programming interface

NR Computer Learning Center features classes to help kids learn how to use the Python programming system and also includes classes for Java.

Create & Learn has a free fun minecraft coding camp for kids 5th grade to 9th grade and allows for students to code games, stories, buildings, and anything else they want to make happen in Minecraft


Kids participating in online art class

Art classes are extremely fun and these classes create a free opportunity to learn different techniques for drawing or painting. In addition, some classes help celebrate music and can allow time to bond with family.

Activity Hero Live features an online drawing class where kids learn different pencil techniques for drawing. This class is typically for ages 5-15 and includes a different drawing every class.

In addition, Activity Hero Live has a fun, interactive puppet sing-a-long in a virtual music celebration for ages 2-6. Celebrate and dance along to the show!


Reading is extremely important at a young age and these classes help motivate kids to continue adventuring on stories. Storytimes allow kids to ask questions at the end and be more involved with the book that they are reading. Some classes even teach kids observation skills within the book they are reading. 

Choreography with Rae focuses on a 25 minute interactive story time where kids (4-9) can help bring the story to life through imagination games.

Hall That Fun also has a story time for children ages 0-5. They read stories from local authors and some well known books with a Q&A session at the end.  

Summer is a great opportunity to learn and grow through any genre of class, whether it be art or coding. They can help you explore new hobbies and meet new people. For more information on schedules, times, or more classes, you can visit ActivityHero

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