Evaluate Your Summer Camp Experience

Choosing summer camps can seem like a second job.  With all the researching, comparing and coordinating, many parents put in serious hours to find the right camps for their children.  Once the camps are completed, it makes sense to track and evaluate the experience.  Recording that information can help you when the next season of summer camps rolls around.  Other parents often rely on personal recommendations and word of mouth comments when choosing summer camps.  And parental feedback is an invaluable resource for camp directors and staff.  It’s worth it all around to take the steps to monitor and report on your family’s summer camp experience.

– Keep a journal of your child’s thoughts and feeling about each camp.  Not only will this help you to evaluate the camp, but it will also illuminate your child’s interests as they grow and change over the years, making it easier to find those perfect camps each summer. Also note the quality of your own interactions with the camp: was it easy to get accurate information, to enroll, to converse with staff when necessary, etc.

– Post reviews of the camps where other parents can find the information.  The summer camps website Sign Up for Camp, www.signupforcamp.com, houses a review section where your insights will reach hundreds of parents.

– Fill out any feedback forms that the camp distributes.  If forms aren’t available, call or email the director with a few specific points about the camp’s strengths and weaknesses from your child’s and your own perspective.  Often times people just go happily about their business when they are satisfied – so make a point to give positive feedback as well as to discuss any concerns.


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