Online Summer Camps and Classes for Kids in Middle School

During the summer, it can be difficult to keep kids engaged and keep them learning. With the closure of many in-class summer camps, online summer camps and classes have become more popular. These online camps help your child experiment with new hobbies and can help those finding more advanced instruction in preparation of the next school year. For kids in middle school, it is especially important in order to prepare for high school and discover their passions early. To find more about summer camps and classes for your child, you can go on ActivityHero.


Drawing of a dog learned through an online art class

Art is a fun activity for your child to participate in during the summer. From music to drawing, these camps/classes teach children how to express themselves using creativity. These classes include various types of mediums to learn from and explore. For the more unique mediums, some of the art classes provide the materials for the lesson.

Artist Center provides detailed and scheduled lessons which focus on the fundamentals of art. From basic sketching to drawing, the Artists Center has an online art class that teaches how to draw various subjects, such as anime, animals, and landscapes, and using various mediums.   

CD’s Art Studio has an online camp that includes painting, drawing, mosaics, fused glass, and other multimedia projects. Each day a new media is taught and materials can be shipped for the class. 

LA School of Music features music classes for kids who want to learn a new instrument. They have guitar, piano, and voice lessons available. 


These coding classes cover many different programming languages, such as Python or Scratch, and include teachers for all types of skill levels. Beginners and advanced students all have the opportunity to further improve their skills in these camps and reach their goals. These classes have opportunities for those looking for a new, fun hobby and a dedicated computer programmer.

Code With Us teaches students a variety of skills in various programming languages, such as Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Arduino, C++, and more. For kids 6-18, the camps allow students to pursue their coding goals with the help and resources from their home. 

Mighty Coders works with kids (age 9-15) to teach them the programming fundamentals with Scratch & Python and teaches them how to create a simple HTML/CSS website from start to finish. 

Tech Rocks! has a class that works on typing skills, coding, and allows kids to explore coding through games, such as Minecraft. Each coding track is individualized so that every kid can move at their own pace. 


Science combines both creativity and education to explore how the surrounding environment affects us and how everything works. These classes offer an opportunity to discover more about different science subjects, such as chemistry or anatomy. Kids can have fun doing experiments while still continuing to learn about the world around them with science. 

Science Nature Labs! covers chemistry concepts and teaches practical experiments. Kids get to watch and repeat the experiments using household safe chemicals to explore their nature, properties, and uses. 

Futures Academy  dives into crime scene analysis and features the techniques and practices applied during a crime scene investigation as well as the research methods to store and find data. 

Polygon Academy features a human body science class for those wishing to be involved in anatomy or want to explore how the body works. From the Young Doctors session to the study of all of the organs, these classes allow your child to learn about any part of the human body.  


Subjects, such as English and Math, are still important to continue over the summer and can help your child get ahead next school year. At these camps and classes, kids are given experienced teachers and tutors to learn from as they improve on their writing and essay skills which will be very important for high school. In addition to English, some of these classes also offer tutors for math to either get ahead or review past material.

Ivy Goal has a highly intensive grammar and essay course with experienced teachers. Students learn important grammar skills and are taught efficient ways for essay outlines.

Best In Class Education Center Palo Alto have both English and Math classes that are highly personalized and have 3 students per class. Teachers review previous homework and spend careful time explaining new concepts.

Communication Academy features a live online class where students can participate in interactive activities. Students will learn writing strategies to help improve their ability to express themselves more effectively through organization, voice, sentence fluency, and more. 

About ActivityHero

ActivityHero is the leading online marketplace for kids camps, activities and after school classes. Families can book local activities with one easy registration. ActivityHero has recently been featured on CommonSenseMedia, Good Morning America and Forbes. 

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