Outdoor and Nature

Nature camps give kids a taste of the rugged outdoors as they learn to appreciate nature and go on Tom Sawyer-like adventures in a safe and secure environment.

Nature camps, like the wonderful programs at Riverbend Environmental Education Center Exploration Camp combine kids’ sense of adventure and play with the scientific knowledge of academic camps.

The camps under the nature category vary greatly, from the widely popular Camp Invention, located throughout Pennsylvania, to more specialized camps like horse-back riding camps.

Nature camps are a little bit of everything and allow kids to explore the wilderness and outdoors like never before, making outdoor camps the perfect type of camp for any child who is unsure of where he or she wants to spend the summer.


3 Responses to Outdoor and Nature

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  2. Scott Ertl says:

    So many great camps to choose from! Isn’t it great to see kids OUTSIDE for a change?!

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