Looking for a Sewing Camp in Philly?

Each summer is an opportunity to send your kids to camps that will give them new experiences, a chance to take risks, and maybe even learn lifelong skills. In this article, we’re going to showcase one of those camps, and one of those skills: Sew Philly in Philadelphia.

Sew Philly gives both boys and girls the chance to experience a challenging introduction to all things sewing: stitching, fabric, bobbins, sewing machines and more. Everyone who works at Sew Philly is passionate about their craft, and they pass that passion along to the students, encouraging them to be creative and take on non-traditional projects. Who knows — this camp could be your own aspiring young designer’s first step into a career in fashion!

From Fashion Design Saturdays to a fashion design course to machine sewing, Sew Philly has something for everyone. Prices start at $375 for a full week, and they offer 10% sibling discounts. Kids, start those sewing machines!



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