Sports Camp for Girls- Field Hockey

As girls are getting more and more involved with sports, there becomes an increasing demand for girls sports camps. Instead of sending your child to another soccer or basketball camp, see if they are interested in one of the many Field Hockey Camps in the Philadelphia area.

Field Hockey is a fast-paced game, high-energy game, that develops girls’ teamwork, cooperation, agility, fitness and competitive spirit. The game has all the intensity and skill of ice-hockey,  minus the checking and lost teeth that parents always worry about!

Colleges in the Philadelphia area host girls field hockey camps, such as the Lehigh Field Hockey Camp and the Penn State Field Hockey Camp.

There are also Revolution Field Hockey camps located throughout Pennsylvania that are famous around the country, and in nearby Delaware there is the center for the Mid-Atlantic Field Hockey Camp.

Whether your daughter has experience with field hockey or not, over the summer send her to one of these fun and highly instructive camps and she will come back with a desire to keep playing the game!


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