Computer and digital media camps for Gen Z

Kids are ever more tech savvy and able to quickly learn tech skills.  Not only can they find and download an iPhone app in 10 seconds, but now they can learn create an iPhone or Android app by attending a summer camp.  Parents may find Photoshop tricky (like I do), but but kids can pick it up and create a meme in minutes.  Tip: have your kids attend the computer camp and teach you afterwards!

Computer summer camp

Computer summer camp

Digital Media Academy – DMA summer camps is a tech and computer camp that challenges beginners to advanced students.  Learn everything from web design to iPhone apps in a university setting.

Active Learning – Kids get exposure to computer programming and game design using GameMaker software.  They can also learn computer animation to create short computer animated movies.  Mix and match sessions to combine different tech camps with USA Chess camp.

iD Tech Camps – Kids aged 7-17  learn how to create video games, mobile apps, websites and 3D animations. Other subjects like Flash, robots, C++ and more are also available.

Kids on Campus – This camp at Bucks Community College has an enormous selection of tech and specialty camps.  Choose a week-long camp focus on everything from Robotics, Flash animation, digital video, photography, and more.

Lavner Camps – Lavner Camps are thrilling kids all summer long with their multiple subjects and diverse selection. Sibling discounts are provided and camp activities include video game programming and robotics.

Summerside on the Hill – Springside Chestnut Hill Academy plays host to a variety of day and specialty camps for both boys and girls in preschool through high school.  Flash animation, digital video, and games are among the tech camp offerings.

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