Online Camps for Kids in the Philadelphia Area

With many summer programs and summer camps becoming unavailable, it is difficult to keep your kids busy and learning over the summer months. However, online summer camps are a perfect solution as more events slowly move to the internet. 

Young girl learning how to code through an online camp

An online camp allows kids to continue to immerse themselves in fun activities and try out new interests over the summer. They are beneficial in giving kids the ability to ask questions and to connect with a teacher in a live, interactive setting. Not only are they able to engage with the teacher, but they also get the opportunity to connect with other kids with similar interests. Online camps help encourage education and socialization even at home. 

With online camps becoming more common, it is helpful to make sure you pick a time convenient for you. Luckily, there are a variety of opportunities and online summer camps that you can choose ranging from art, coding, academic, science, and teen camps with many different times to choose from.  


Online art camps are popular for all ages of kids. They often use materials that you already have at home, such as pencil, paper, or paint. Online art classes also give an opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, or display finished art projects. 


The Pacific Art League has classes for both the experienced and beginner artist. PAL offers week-long summer camps for ages 5-16 and once-weekly classes for ages 5-17.

CD’s Art Studio has fun virtual painting camps for kids, an online painting party, and an online slime party. Packages of materials are sent via mail or can be picked up in San Jose, CA.

Art School of SF Bay has online art summer camps via Zoom for various mediums and genres, including 20th Century studies, manga, and digital painting. 


An online coding class can open up your child to a potential career option or is an opportunity to engage a young gamer to create their own game. There are a variety of online coding classes available for both beginners and advanced learners. If you need help picking the skill level, you can get some tips here.


CodeREV Kids has camps for younger kids 6-11 and require no prior typing or coding experience

Digital Dragon has a 10 day camp that focuses on how to create an iPhone app, using Apple Xcode, the Swift programming language, and mobile app design. 

RISU USA has a one week camp for ages 8-13 to learn algorithm development and coding in Python.


Learning is always important and these online academic camps can help get your child ahead in their next year. With varying subjects, you can help your child if they have trouble in a particular subject or just want to continue with their education in a certain subject. 


Communication Academy helps students using interactive activities to practice core writing skills, gain more confidence, and learn more strategies as a writer

Mathletes, taught by Coach K,  is geared towards middle schoolers and focuses on creative problem solving, playing games and solving puzzles, and building challenges in math.

Summer Camp Online offers SAT Prep with Dennis. This online SAT prep course is for high schoolers and is two hours per day, Monday through Friday. 


Science contains many different subjects and these online science camps allow your child to branch out into some areas they might be interested in. From coding to wildlife, these science classes offer many opportunities to learn new skills and explore.


Discover Science Center has many different sessions with different themes, such as coding, ocean science, forensic science, or even a mini-med/vet session. 

Digital Media Academy Tech Camps features 10 online technology education courses from A.I and machine learning to animation

Camp EDMO  provides an large selection of activities that range from wildlife exploration, coding, or design


For those who are a bit older, there are also teen programs that are able to give college credit and help them prepare for college level classes. These classes can also help your teen get ahead in school or explore a new topic in preparation of potential college majors. 


Inspirit AI, Inc. has a 10-session pre-college Artificial Intelligence education program developed and taught by a team of graduate students from Stanford University. 

Math Enrichment Summer Program provides math classes that allow students to get ahead in math or review material they feel they missed. Along with great resources,


With summer quickly approaching, take advantage of free time to explore more activities. Whichever camp you pick, have fun and dive deep into new experiences. For more detail in schedules and times, you can go to ActivityHero

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