Much Variety found in Basketball Camps in the Philadelphia Area

There are an abundance of basketball camps in the Philadelphia region. Luckily, this great number of camps allows you to find the appropriate camp for any age, skill level, gender, price, or duration that you are looking for.

In general, a lot of the more affordable camps in the area are geared toward younger children, trying to stimulate their interest in the fun and engaging sport of basketball.  BETTERBALL Camps offer full and partial day camps for reasonable prices (about $150-225 per week) while still catering to the needs of younger children.

If your child is older or more advanced on the courts, there are also plenty of options of camps to send your child to. These camps tend to be a little more pricey, since they hope to challenge and really teach your child the advanced techniques of the game.  Matt Paul Basketball is at the Springside Chestnut Hill Academy with several options for ages 5-15.

There are also the Lehigh University Basketball Camps that offer both regular and elite camps for both boys and girls that run all day. Elite camps are geared toward high school players who are serious about the game.

Golden Rams camps also host basketball camps for older players (Grades 8-12) in day and overnight camps, ranging in price (235-545) based the different sessions.

There are many more basketball camps in the Philadelphia area that may offer your child what they are looking for, like an all girls basketball camp at Moorestown Girls Basketball Academy. But, in general what you’ll find with all the variety of camps is that the perfect basketball camp is out there to suit your and your child’s needs.


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