Acting Summer Camp from The Actors Center

TV and movies are entertaining and can be educational, but if your family has a budding actor, it’s even more enthralling.  We asked The Actor’s Center, in Philadelphia, to tell us about their acting summer camp.

  • How would I know if my child has the potential to be on TV or movies?

If your kid has expressed interest in being on TV they are halfway there. Are they comfortable in front of people, are they funny or can they convince you of many things, DO they enjoy being the center of attention , and do they act out things they see in the movies?

  • Is there a personality or temperament that is common among successful child actors?

Some actors have big personalities and others are shy. There are roles for comedians and serious roles as well.

  • How does The Actors Center help?

In addition to providing classes in Hip-Hop, Stage Combat, TV Commercial Training, Animated Voice-Over, Improv, and Music, students are also taught how to audition for casting directors and agents.

  • What kind of skills are needed to participate in camp?

There are no specific skills needed. Kids just need to come prepared to listen and learn.

  • What type of instructors are at The Actors Center?

The Actors Center has some of the best teachers in Philadelphia, Sandra Turner has been with The Actors Center for 15 years and has been in Many TV shows, movie and plays, Kristen SchScierier is one of the best improv actors in the East Coast, Elijah Brown hosted the Tribecca Film Festival and was a finalist in Americas Got Talent and The X Factor. Kenneth McCgregger was Magnetos’ Father in X- Men, the guy who punched Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and has been in hundreds of films and commercials.

For select weeks this summer, The Actors Center is offering their summer camp for $100 off.  Look for their Early Summer Special.


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