Summer Music Camps

Summer is a great time for your child to have a week filled with musical fun. Many, many camps incorporate some sort of music into their regular day. But some children can really enjoy (and benefit from) a week that is primarily about music. “School of Rock” type camps are becoming more and more popular for school-aged children and up, and can be a great time to experiment with playing in a band.

For middle school and high school students, music camp may even be required for school participation in band, orchestra or choir. Such a week of strong focus can really result in a boost in skill, advancement in theory understanding and increased confidence playing alone and in different ensembles.

There are many, many types of music camps. Here’s a sample of music camps (and specialized camp sessions) from Many more camps of all types are listed on the website, so make sure to browse there too.

Kids on Campus at Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA – Has a wide range of activities and jazz, vocals, musical theatre camp as well as digital music.

School of Rock, Fort Washington and Berwyn, PA
Summer Performance Camp focuses on improving performance and musical skills by covering music theory, instrumental and rehearsal techniques and performance practice.

Summerside on the Hill Summer Camps – Offers a wide variety of specialty and sports camps, including a Rock Band camp.

Penn Charter Summer Camps – Rock camp, performing arts camps and day camps for your musical child.

Digital Media Academy Summer Computer Camps – Digital music camp combines computer based learning with music.

Upper Main Line YMCA – Musical theatre camp and many more sports and day camps.

ESF Summer Camps also has musical activities in their Day Camp.

Search for more music camps at ActivityHero.


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  2. Rhoda says:

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