Low cost camps in the Philadelphia region

In this economic climate, everyone is looking for ways to save money on summer camps. There are several resources that can help you save money on camps in the Philadelphia region. Check out this post on affordable Philadelphia summer camps.  It lists several inexpensive camp options in the area.

Making use of the discounts camps offer for is a great way to reduce the cost of summer camps. Check our List of camps with current discounts. Look for these discounts from the camps you are considering:

  • Early Bird Discount. Camps often offer a substantial discount to those who register early.
  • Sibling Discount. Save money and eliminate multiple drop-offs by signing your kids up at the same camp!
  • Multiple Session Discount. This is great for all of us who don’t plan early enough to make use of the Early Bird Discount! Having your child do multiple session saves money and also gives them a chance to get really comfortable with the camp and helps them develop a great sense of belonging to their camp community.

Second, Action 6 news did a story on tips to save money on summer camps.

Do you know of low cost camps in the area? Please let us know about them in the comments!


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